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Blue ReNeu’s mission is to provide the Canadian healthcare system with a reliable and strong partner to help manage the burden of single-use disposable plastics that are generated during the normal course of patient treatment. We are plastics people and we understand the impact of sending recyclable materials to landfill. We want to put a stop to it! We will reprocess healthcare plastics in a safe and responsible manor, while fairly compensating participating healthcare facilities.

Processing Plastic “Textiles” and Rigid Plastics

The equipment exists in the marketplace to reprocess almost all types of plastics. Thanks to the technology made available to Blue ReNeu Recycling Inc. by The ReNeuvo Group, we are able to acquire the most efficient machinery for the processing tasks to be done. Specialized equipment will handle the shredding of the non-woven textiles, while conventional grinding equipment can handle the more typical rigid materials. Care will be taken to sort the various streams of material to ensure the end product is both contaminant free and not cross-contaminated with other resin streams. Uniformly produced pellets are the end result of our processing equipment, ensuring easy of use and consistent processing when resold to our customers around the world.

Value-Add Processing

A significant plus for Blue ReNeu Recycling Inc. is our combined plastics experience, in addition to the flexibility of our equipment. With our state-of-the-art reprocessing line, we can add mineral fillers and/or colour to the plastics, as it is being reprocessed. With this customization, we can create specific compounds for your unique needs. We can easily add our proprietary filler that produces a plastic compound that has active mould, mildew and bacterial killing properties. Ideal for applications in healthcare, or where ever cleanliness is required. The minimal additional costs for adding fillers and/or colour allows you to be creative!

Research and Development Strategy

Blue ReNeu Recycling Inc., as a ReNeuvo Group company, is part of developing new products in a Research and Development partnership with Universities and industry partners. This presents an opportunity to collaborate in future product development in Canada and Internationally under the ReNeuvo Group. Our belief is that a small idea can lead to larger successes, think small, and accomplish a lot. Look into the past, small and modest things have become great successes. Some excellent examples are Alexander Graham Bell, Tesla, Edison, Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Xerox and many more.

Digital Manufacturing Technology and Paperless Operation

Blue ReNeu Recycling Inc., is part of the ReNeuvo Group of companies, who, in partnership with Cisco Canada Inc. and Bell Enterprises Inc. will design and provide a Digital Manufacturing Technology and paperless operation for the ReNeuvo Group of companies.

Strategic Partners

Blue ReNeu Recycling Inc., as part of ReNeuvo Group and its strategic partners stand out as an open, inclusive inter-company collaboration. Many different opinions are expressed and shared in the best interest of those that we provide our services to, not just those of ReNeuvo Group. In that spirit, we are proud of the work we do and the mutual collaboration between our Strategic Partners.

For additional information, please contact us at: info@bluereneu.com

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